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Six Reasons Why Web Designers Are Moving Out of Big Cities


The word’s in — designers and other creatives are leaving big cities post-pandemic for a life in the countryside. Urbanites are eager to quit city life and find a property by the sea or country village. Indeed, many of these creatives plan to return to the cities. But a significant number have decided to stay! What drives these designers to move back to the rural and semi-rural areas? In this post, we have shortlisted some of the most common reasons why designers are moving out of big cities. Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

1. They need more space

City life is ridiculously crowded, and we understand why. Most people leave the suburbs and move to cities in search of better job opportunities and lifestyles. Such growth-seeking and capitalism-driven exodus have turned cities into a suffocating, jam-packed swarm of opportunistic people, where everyone is blindly stamping over each other. It’s overwhelming and makes it difficult for creative people to stay inspired in such a ruckus. The countryside is the answer.

2. Nature is calling!

We might have everything at the click of a button in cities. But, it’ll never bring or match the calmness and serenity of a seaside or a village. For a creative person, it is imperative to fully immerse in the space and beauty of nature. The move can be considered a positive source of creative inspiration that propels designers to make a fresh start, especially post-pandemic.

3. New sources of inspiration

As you move further away from the cities, you will find it easier to find new inspiration for creative work. The simplicity of village life might bother you for a while. But, the more you live in it, the more you’ll embrace the trickling rivers, sun-soaked hazy meadows, breathtaking sunsets, scintillating sceneries, and more. These are enough to fuel a creative soul.

4. Rising costs of city life

Inflation has been hitting us where it hurts the most. The rising costs of accommodation and food are simply the go-to reason behind creatives leaving the cities. These are trying times and it’s important to save money to stay afloat in the coming future. The soaring fuel prices only add to the misery. The rising costs of living also bring along stress, which can significantly ruin a creative mindset.

5. City life isn’t for everybody

Indeed, city life offers tons of growth opportunities. But, life here can be extremely limiting. You have rules for everything. Everyone on the street is judging each other by what they wear, how they walk, and the way they talk. Finding people fighting or protesting for something is a common occurrence in big cities. No wonder why most people have their earphones plugged in on their commute. Music is their temporary escape.

6. A move towards a healthier life

Life in the countryside is much healthier. You breathe in the fresh air, consume fresh food, and interact with people that have a simpler way of thinking and living. People are welcoming and warm-hearted. The whole experience is nothing less than therapy. It’s a designers’ paradise.


Moving out of big cities and planning a life in the countryside is a commitment that requires significant thought and courage. More than that, it demands hard work to live a creative life outside of the city. We believe that it’s a move that makes you appreciate life a bit more as things can get a little lonely after a while. But the move brings along peace and tranquility in life, something that effectively refuels the mind and heart for the creative endeavors ahead. Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!