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How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve Website Design and Development?


Faster, more accurate, and affordable — the quest to achieve the technological trident has pushed mankind to develop solutions that have simply revolutionized the world of website design and development. Artificial intelligence, being one of them, has brought an unprecedented change in the game — making it imperative for developers to learn how to use it. Here, we have shortlisted some ways brands and website developers can use artificial intelligence to improve website design and development.

1. Use Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

ADI or Artificial Design Intelligence has improved how people used to build websites. AI-designed websites are quickly becoming a staple as these cover the basics — from design to structure to content. The best thing about using ADI is its reliability since the design recommendations are based on masses of data that it has been trained on. We highly recommend you check out Wix ADI to gain hands-on experience in building websites using AI.

2. Chatbots for UX personalization

As a brand owner or marketer, you want to shorten the steps it takes a user to convert. AI-driven chatbots make this a reality by helping users find what they want in an instant — all this by typing a natural language question! The chatbot can be trained to answer these questions and generate results that simplify the buyer journey. Integrate the chatbots into websites, apps, and software and you’ll have a highly effective personalization tool at your disposal!

3. Enable a voice-based search experience

AI can effectively make a website conducive to voice search. Smart chatbots can register the questions users speak into their smartphones and use voice-optimized AI to find the correct information. The chatbot can also be trained to speak the results back to the user — ensuring a quick, easy, and complete user interface that provides credible information.

4. SEO AI makes optimization simpler

Are you developing a website? Soon, you’ll realize what a battle search engine optimization really is. SEO can be extremely grueling as there are several moving parts (headings, keywords, meta content, topics, and more) and all have to work in harmony. With SEO AI, you can easily shunt the process and use artificial intelligence to pick the right keywords, topics, and headings for your website. SEO AI tools can even create copies with perfect keyword integration to match Google’s AI.

5. Consistent and reliable vulnerability testing

Website designing and testing don’t need to be a hands-on job anymore. Artificial intelligence can efficiently run these tests, watch the results, make the necessary adjustments, and rerun the tests to generate optimal results. AI-driven automation tools can maintain these simple tests to save developers time and energy without jeopardizing quality.

Final Thoughts!

Indeed, AI is becoming more and more significant across web design and development. But, the technology isn’t powerful enough to eliminate human interference. In other words, it is not going to replace web developers and designers. However, the use of AI can play a massive role in designing highly scalable solutions based on data and applying them to improve website designs. Artificial intelligence is a huge stride forward toward building better website experiences for users as well as for developers. Did you find this post helpful? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to check out other informative posts on the blog!