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AAB Productions

AAB Productions International is a production house providing opportunities for upcoming filmmakers to produce and create innovative stories for underrepresented groups on screen, whilst evolving their filmmaking skills and networking within the screens industry.

Web Design

The Challenge & Result

AAB trusted us to design & develop a modern and unique website for their production company. We first immersed ourselves in the brand’s personality to understand its target audience to help envision the user experience. As well as prioritising aesthetics, we wanted to ensure that users were aware of the several services, events and charity donations required, which was essential to AAB.

We designed AAB, a modern, cutting-edge and optimised website that helped AAB thrive in a highly competitive industry. Our website offered them a professional brand face, gained them 137.9% more donations online and increased their enquiries for events by 25.3%.

Increase In Online Donations
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Increase In Event Enquiries
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