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Black Essence London

Black Essence London; was created for women to “find their essence and own their essence” by providing them with quality hair.

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The Challenge & Result

Black Essence London came to us to create a logo for them that brings out the ‘essence’ of beauty but also gives off a luxurious feel. So our team of creatives got to work and designed an attractive yet bold and minimal logo to stand out against the competition. We saw the opportunity to use the letter B as a silhouette of a woman with hair to retain the salon and beauty image of Black Essence, which their team absolutely adored!

The fully responsive website we created for Black Essence gained a 13.7% conversion rate and a 119.7% increase in sales, considering they had been operating solely offline before. Furthermore, using optimised keywords, we were also able to help them rank higher on Google, boosting their presence in a highly competitive industry and leading to a 33% uplift in organic traffic.



Montserrat was the main font used for the letters B & E in the main symbol, which gave it that modern yet professional, bold look. Lastly, using Gruppo as the type for the wordmark gave the logo a sophisticated, premium tone.