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Kwaku Homes is Property Development Company based in London also offering cleaning and project management services. It was founded by Ethan Hammond in 2021 to create luxury feeling homes in South London.


The Challenge & Result

Kwaku Homes requested that we create a clean, minimalistic, but professional logo for their newly found property business. The team over at Kwaku Homes wished to use a typeface which had a pristine and contemporary finish. In addition, they sought to emulate the colour palette of their old logo (Navy Blue and Yellow-gold) and create a similar version which consisted of their brand’s initials’ K & H’.



Our team selected typefaces that offer a professional but warm and homely feel. For example, the Noto Serif Display font used for the letters K & H allows for a modern yet sophisticated look, and the Montserrat font used for the words’ Kwaku Homes’ delivers a more welcome feel to the logo.