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Mels Meals

Mels Meals is a private catering & events company. A team of passionate foodies, providing homely afro-caribbean dishes.


The Challenge & Result

The team over at Mels Meals challenged us to a whole rebrand persisting of a new logo and colour palette, a new brand identity, brand symbols, typography and brand strategy. Mels Meals wanted their brand image to represent a fun, but professional and luxurious catering company.  It was important for the chef hat to remain part of the logo as this was a staple to Mels Meals. 

Fonts used


Using the Lofty Goals Font as the predominant typeface for this logo ensured the luxurious desire was fulfilled.  This font is known for its fancy and sweet characteristics which we believed would compliment the new identity of Mels Meals. The secondary font used is Montserrat; the simplicity of this font is a great combination to the elegant and pristine nature of the Lofty Goals font. We used these to work simultaneously to create a clean simplistic but luxurious logo for Mels Meals.